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​Breakfast Tacos

tacos are made to order on flour, wheat, yellow or white corn tortillas

served with choice of roasted salsa or house green sauce.

Tacos 3.50

          sausage & egg

           bacon & egg

           chorizo & egg

           potato & egg

Add cheese .50

Special Tacos $4.50

    Steak & egg, roasted red pepper, goat cheese, goat cheese, cilantro

   Ancho pork, egg, green chiles queso fresco, cilantro

  Vegie Tacos: 3.50

Black beans, baby spinach,roma tomatoes, egg whites

Squash,black beans, sweet ,potato, cactus, cilantro, egg whites, queso fresco

Breakfast Sandwiches   5.50

Fried egg, house bacon, black forest ham, muenster cheese,baby spinach , roma tomatoes. served on pita or bagel

House Bagel 4,00

served with cream cheese


coffee 2.50

fresh frozen fruit smoothies 5.50

fresh squeezed o.j. 4.50

bottled drinks 3.50

breakfast served daily 830 am to 11 am